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Color Significance in Identity Branding

by Kathy E. Walker

Wikipedia defines Brand Identity as, "fundamental to consumer recognition and symbolizes the brand's differentiation from competitors."

OK, you are bored with your company colors. So, why not change them? Whoa! There is a lot to consider...

Can you imagine a purple Coke can? Can you imagine an all orange DelMonte label? Would that confuse customers? People subconsiously connect colors to companies very strongly. You can make that work to your advantage or use it to cause a lot of confusion. Color changes in branding effects signage, truck graphics, brochures, websites, business cards, forms, displays and the list goes on...

I'm not saying you never change your corporate colors or logos. But you do need to do it carefully. For instance, FedEx Kinkos has done a very thoughtful transition. They didn't throw out the branding investment they had in the Kinkos brand.

Here are some questions to consider:

Will people get the wrong impression and think the company changed hands?
With a different look will customers get the wrong impression and think you went out of business?
How are you going to transition a logo change or radical color changes in your branding?
Is being "bored" with a color worth what it really takes to make a color pallet change?
What all will this color change effect?
What is the real financial cost?

If you need to change or upgrade your logo — or use new colors, consider getting professional help with your branding.

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